Australia – Still a long way to go – journey

Australia:Still a long way to go

Vacation in Australia soon?

The Australian state of New South Wales with the metropolis of Sydney will open its international borders on November 1st. The mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine will then no longer apply to fully vaccinated travelers, announced regional premiere Dominic Perrottet. “Sydney and New South Wales will be open again to double-vaccinated people around the world,” he said. All that is needed is a vaccination certificate and a negative PCR test. In New South Wales, more than 80 percent of the population is now fully vaccinated. However, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison specified a few hours later that the new rules would initially only apply to Australian citizens and people residing in Australia. Hopes for an early vacation to Australia for tourists from all over the world, he initially dashed. “The federal government decides when the border will be opened and closed at international level.” The authorities closed the country’s borders a year and a half ago, largely isolating Australia from the rest of the world.

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