We are looking for excellent use cases of Korea Tourism Data Lab!

The Korea Tourism Organization (CEO Ahn Young-bae) is open from 10.18. to 11.14. During the period, the ‘Korea Tourism Data Lab Best Use Case Contest’ is being conducted.

In order to support more desirable business decision-making based on data, the ‘Korea Tourism Data Lab’, which has been officially serviced by the KTO since February, discovers best practices used in actual work to promote data lab and improve services. It is intended to evoke Anyone working in the domestic tourism industry, as well as related institutions such as local governments and public institutions across the country, and academic research institutions can participate.

To participate, download the application form from the competition page (Introduction to Korea Tourism Data Lab > Notice > Contest News) in the Korea Tourism Data Lab (datalab.visitkorea.or.kr) You can answer questions such as know-how in the form of a written interview and submit it by e-mail ([email protected]). The more detailed the experience of creating tangible results by creatively using the Korea Tourism Data Lab in your work, the better.

The winners will be finally selected 1 grand prize, 3 grand prize winners, and 5 excellent prize winners through expert screening. . The results will be announced on the website of the Korea Tourism Data Lab on November 30th, and the winning entries will be published on the website later for use in sharing and disseminating excellent use cases.

Meanwhile, in the Korea Tourism Data Lab, △Tourist travel and consumption behavior analysis service by region using external big data such as mobile communication and credit card △Tourism-specific analysis model through convergence between heterogeneous data ‘our local tourism situation board’ △Main visit to Korea market ( 22 countries) Overseas and visit to Korea status analysis service, data visualization service such as tourism statistics and tourism survey, and various research reports and issue report services are provided free of charge to members. Since opening in mid-February 2021, over 2,000 institutions and 9,500 customers have signed up as members for about eight months and are actively using it.

Reporter Jeon Se-ri [email protected]


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