The power of travel agencies is their products… E-Room Place to become ‘Small Giants’

Lower barriers to entry into the golf market through exclusive ERP and partnerships
Strength of high success rate based on expertise, ‘strength’ in product development

The buds of overseas golf travel are slowly sprouting. Iroom Place, a professional golf travel agency that has built up its skills during the severe cold of Corona 19, is preparing to welcome spring one step ahead by operating partnerships and developing products.

●Professionalism ‘self’ with perseverance on the one-way golf course

For 10 years, he insisted only on golf trips. In the background, there was the passion for golf of the two CEOs, Kyung-ah Choi and Mi-young Choi. E-Room Place has been focusing on ERP development and upgrade exclusively for golf travel agencies since 2015. This is to provide a more efficient and improved ‘customer experience’. Through more than 30 system upgrades, manual work has been reduced as much as possible, and work accuracy has been further improved. EroomPlace’s ERP has the advantage of being able to automatically generate customer-specific quotations in real time. This is possible because it has its own data on golf courses, hotels, and tourist destinations. Both deposit processing and customer withdrawal processing can be viewed within the system, so it is good news for those who have done manual work. In connection with the current flight API, schedules can be inquired in real time, and future airfare inquiry and reservation are all possible within the system, focusing on technology development.

E-Room Tour CEO Choi Kyung-ah (left) and Choi Mi-young CEO
E-Room Tour CEO Choi Kyung-ah (left) and Choi Mi-young CEO

In recognition of his passion for golf, he was selected as a beneficiary of the tourism company innovation voucher for two consecutive years following last year. Thanks to this, the latest ICT technologies such as passport OCR and data crawling were able to be applied to the system. First, the OCR (optical character reader, a function that reads the characters in the image) technology that automatically enters the customer’s passport information just by uploading a passport photo minimizes the hassle of hand-inputting and damage caused by incorrect input. Data crawling (a technology to collect and store data) that can collect golf products that are widely spread online is also supported in real time within the Eroom Place ERP. The power of data is being highlighted in the 4th industry. The product sales data stored in the system can be viewed in detail by region, date, price, product, etc., which helps to understand customer needs. In the future, the system will be upgraded to enable tax settlement in connection with Hometax.

Prepare for the golf market with partners

The golf market has been showing a high growth rate since COVID-19. E-Room Place said, “Even when the travel industry first started 10 years ago, many experts predicted that the golf population would gradually decrease. Awareness that we need to prepare is also growing naturally,” he said. It takes a lot of effort and thought before jumping into a new path and adapting. E-Room Place is lowering the barriers to entry into the golf market by sharing the know-how it has accumulated over the past 10 years with small themed travel agencies. Partnership programs are part of that. E-Room Place supports settlement, accounting, and taxation so that partners can focus on sales, enabling startups without capital. If you use the EroomPlace brand, you can use any system in a way that distributes future profits. If you own your own brand, you pay a monthly subscription fee. As a result of recruiting partners through individual interviews between August and September, there are currently more than 20 partners. Existing travel agency operators, golf influencers, and amateur golfers are also diverse. Eroom Place said, “The awareness that we need to prepare for golf customers has increased, but there seem to be a lot of people who come because they don’t know what process to follow.” Among them, there are passionate partners who love golf so much that they jumped into unfamiliar travel businesses.

Until now, overseas travel is virtually impossible, so if you have focused on the domestic market, now it is your turn to move on to a wider world. Starting from Saipan, sales are expanding overseas, and careful training is being prepared for partners. There are also many needs of local travel agencies. According to Eroom Place, they are actively meeting daily with travel agencies in Jeonju, Jinju, Gwangju, Yeosu, Suwon, etc. We also pay close attention to the needs of our partners. E-Room Place said, “Through several individual meetings, we are feeling again the power of ‘good products’, which is the essence of travel business and systematization of travel business. , and quick feedback based on professionalism, etc., so the reservation completion rate is high,” he said confidently.

It also laid the foundation for travel agencies to run solidly throughout the four seasons regardless of peak season or low season. As a result of expanding into the domestic market after experiencing the aftermath of Corona 19, it has been able to fill the off-season in the overseas golf market with domestic golf to generate profits throughout the year. Eroom Place expects to reach 12,000 domestic golf customers this year.

Quickly advance into overseas markets

There are over 800 products registered on the EroomPlace system. The two representatives personally visited and analyzed the characteristics of the product and made it. The two CEOs said that the product knowledge they had learned with their own hands was a valuable asset. “The goal is to deliver a vivid experience to our partners, instilling confidence that they can sell any product in the world, and creating more revenue.”

It responds immediately to overseas golf trips that have been carefully started. Saipan products, which recently signed a travel bubble, were also prepared quickly, and as a result, the products sold out for 7 nights and 8 days from October to November. It is in the process of preparing countermeasures for excess demand with the local Saipan region. Inquiries about Guam products are also increasing. It is probably more expensive than Saipan, which is supported by the Tourism Agency, but demand is gradually increasing as there is no 5-day quarantine. In order to increase the partner’s profitability, it is also actively promoting direct deals with local golf courses and hotels, such as Mangilao and Talapopo. Inquiries about Hawaii products, which have begun to provide quarantine exemptions to AstraZeneca inoculations, are also on the rise, and it is characterized by a large number of inquiries about long-term stays compared to the previous year. Not only Hawaii’s main island (Oahu), but also golf products on neighboring islands are on sale, and 8 people have confirmed their reservations for a month’s stay from November to December. Thailand, which is showing the most active border opening movement among Southeast Asian countries, cannot be left out. We are preparing products for Red Mountain and Blue Canyon golf courses, and we plan to conduct inspections as soon as direct flights are opened. From November, we will also start offering Chiang Mai products using Korean Air flights. In June next year, it plans to exclusively sell products for amateur golf tournaments to be held in Gold Coast, Australia.

▶ To E-Room Place, not E-Room Tour

E-Room Place is building a new BI and solidifying its position as a professional golf travel platform. In the future, we plan to emphasize the corporate name Eroom Place rather than the travel agency name Eroom Tour. Eroom Place said, “A change is being detected that allows small giants (small but strong travel agencies) to compete sufficiently. I want to lead them successfully.”

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