Shinan-gun launches SNS tourism supporters


Shinan-gun (Governor Park Woo-ryang) announced on the 18th that it held the launching ceremony of 『1st SNS Tourism Supporters』 in parallel with online in the video conference room on the 3rd floor of the county office.

The first SNS tourism supporters group, launched on the same day, was selected for the entire nation in September. Out of a total of 67 people, 26 people from the metropolitan area and 20 from the Honam area were composed of various regions.

The commissioned supporters will carry out activities such as ▲dissemination of military government news, ▲introduction of tourist attractions in Sinan-gun, ▲excavation of restaurants, and coverage of culture, events, and festivals, until next December. It will serve as an online ambassador for producing and disseminating

A supporter who participated in the launching ceremony said, “We will promote Shinan widely, which is full of attractions, fragrances of art, and special experiences such as 1004 Islands, 1 Island, 1 Museum, where flowers bloom in all four seasons.”

Shinan County Mayor Park Woo-ryang said, “These days, with the influence of SNS growing due to Corona 19, SNS is a place of communication that can actively promote the military.

Reporter Lee So-mi [email protected]

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