Jin Air’s ‘Delight Pop-up Store’ opened… 90% discount on Jeju air tickets

Travel benefits offered through a monthly lottery
Open commemorative event held until the 27th

Jin Air opened a regular promotion ‘Delight Pop-up Store’. Various travel benefits are provided through a monthly lottery / Jin Air

Jin Air opened the ‘Delight Pop-up Store’, which provides various benefits such as airfare and duty free through a monthly lottery. The opening commemorative event will be held for ten days from October 18th.

The regular promotion Delight pop-up store is an event that provides benefits to the winners in a lottery manner. Jin Air plans to offer benefits such as discounts to Jin Air members by dividing it into monthly air deals and affiliate deals. The pop-up stores in October, the first month of opening, are all domestic routes to Jeju and Jungmun Duty Free Shop in Jeju. Customers who win the air deal will receive a 90% discount when paying for domestic flights to Jeju regardless of route or fare type, and customers who win the affiliate deal will receive a Jeju Jungmun Duty Free Shop 30,000 won gift certificate and Klook 20,000 won gift certificate. If you are a member of the Jin Air website, you can participate once a day per person through the web or app, and the event period is from October 18th to 27th.

Meanwhile, Jin Air provides a 10,000 won discount coupon for Jeju Jungmun Duty Free Shop and a 50% on-site discount on entrance fees to Jeju Folk Village to all members visiting Jeju in November.

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