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Jeonnam-Chungnam eco-friendly travel method ‘Plogging’ of Travel Workshop

Supporting the Tourism Organization, collaborating with Korea Travel Easy
Boryeong Sapsido Island and other tourist dure experiences are also included.

Travel Studio, a domestic travel agency, has planned a Plogging Island tour with the travel platform Korea Travel Easy. / Travel Studio

Travel Workshop, a domestic travel agency, takes the lead in eco-friendly travel in Jeollanam-do and Chungnam. In collaboration with travel platform Korea Travel Easy, Plogging Island tour product was launched.

The itinerary was structured to experience dure and blogging on various islands in Jeollanam-do and Chungnam, such as Boryeong Sapsido, Shinan Purple Island, and Gangjin Gaudo. Plogging is an exercise that picks up trash while taking a walk, and has recently been attracting attention as an eco-friendly travel method. Participants of the Plogging Island tour freely tour the island and pick up garbage using items such as eco-friendly biodegradable plastic and recycled gloves. Recycled socks will also be presented after plogging to encourage customer participation and environmental awareness. This product, reflecting the good consumption trend, was born through a collaborative project supported by the Korea Tourism Organization.

Hoseon Kang, CEO of Travel Workshop, said, “Through this blogging tour, we plan to launch products that target the MZ generation, who are oriented to value consumption. It will be a commodity,” he said. The Travel Workshop plans to spread the good influence of the travel industry through the campaigning of plogging tours.

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