I won a prize at the Literacy Hanmadang in Gyeongsangbuk-do!

Three senior citizens in Yeongcheon were awarded at the Sihwa Exhibition in Gyeongbuk Literacy Hanmadang.

Yeongcheon-si (Mayor Choi Ki-moon) presented one national prize winner (excellence prize) and two Gyeongbuk competition prize winners (excellence prize, encouragement prize) at the ‘2021 Gyeongsangbuk-do Literacy Hanmadang’ Sihwa Exhibition Ceremony held at the Multipurpose Hall of the Gyeongbuk Provincial Office on the 18th. applauded

Heo Jae-seok (84 years old, a father-in-law), who was selected as the recipient of the National Lifelong Education Promotion Agency’s Award at the National Adult Literacy Education Poetry Competition, received the Excellence Award and played a big role in the development of literacy education in Yeongcheon, receiving a great response from learners.

In addition, in the Gyeongsangbuk-do Sihwa Exhibition Competition, after expert screening among 58 points recommended by literacy education institutions, Kim Ho-sun (81 years old, studying beyond 80) won the Grand Prize, and Huh Jeong-soon (75 years old, what we had in a previous life) received the Encouragement Award. The Senior Citizens’ Party was buzzing with applause and a festive atmosphere.

Heo Jae-seok, an elderly man in Dongbu-dong, who won the National Competition Excellence Award, expressed his joy, saying, “I was so sad that I didn’t study when I was young, so I resented my father a lot, but I’m so grateful that I’m still studying.

Yeongcheon City is building a learning system where anyone can receive a variety of lifelong education anytime, anywhere by expanding support for ‘life literacy education’ such as finance, informatization, health, and cultural education in addition to ‘Hangeul education’ as an adult literacy project. This year, about 100 people from six senior centers are participating in Hangeul classes due to the consignment operation of the council. Yeongcheon Mayor Choi Ki-moon said, “As Yeongcheon is designated as a lifelong learning city, we will do our best to support adult literacy learning and create a learning environment for the underprivileged. It will,” he said with a congratulatory message.

Reporter Lee Myung-eun [email protected]


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