Hamyang Daebongsan Recreational Valley visited 160,000 people in 6 months

Daebongsan Recreational Valley Monorail (Photo_Hamyang-gun)

Daebongsan Recreational Valley, which has emerged as the country’s best mountain-type healing tourist destination starting with the 2021 Hamyang Sansamhang Aging Expo, has continued to perform well, with 160,000 visitors since its opening.

According to Hamyang-gun, Daebongsan Recreational Valley, which is leading the tourism industry in Hamyang-gun with the longest monorail and zipline in Korea, had 161,000 visitors as of October 18, 6 months before its opening on April 21, 10 The company announced on the 19th that it had achieved sales of more than 100 million won.

The achievement of sales of about 1 billion won in half a year after opening indirectly suggests that Daebongsan Recreational Valley has high economic feasibility in terms of business balance to cover the operating costs, which means that many of the similar national recreational facilities avoid operating losses. It can be said that it is in contrast to not being able to.

This success of Daebongsan Recreational Valley is analyzed to be because tourists, who have been suppressed by corona social distancing, created a synergistic effect with the expo event that ended on the 10th, thanks to vaccinations and with the Corona virus, and attracted many guests from all over the country. .

The head of the Recreation Valley Division in charge of Daebongsan Recreational Valley said, “We sincerely thank the many guests for visiting Daebongsan Mountain. am. In order to repay the support, we are working hard to provide convenience to more people as we are thinking about solutions such as increasing cars and adjusting other operating systems.”

Daebongsan Recreation Valley is not settling for its achievements, but is making efforts to provide more attractions and entertainment in the future, such as benchmarking promising domestic facilities through related self-conferences and SWOT analysis, developing derivatives, and strengthening related contents.

Reporter Lee So-mi [email protected]


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