Haenam-gun ‘Hwangto Country Theme Village’ fostered as a wellness tourism base

Panoramic view of the Land’s End Hwangto Nara Theme Village (Photo_Haenam-gun)

Haenam-gun Hwangto Country Theme Village will be transformed into a wellness tourism base for healing and healing in preparation for the With Corona era.

Haenam-gun plans to help heal the body and mind of tourists who are looking for the ends of the earth, and actively foster the Yellow Land Theme Village as a base for stay-at-home tourism that reflects recent tourism trends.

Hwangto Nara Theme Village was selected for the Jeonnam-type regional growth strategy project competition in August last year, and under the theme of ‘reform Haenam at the end of the earth’, a total project cost of 10 billion won is being invested to improve old tourism facilities.

Accordingly, along with the remodeling of the lodging building, the caravans that are dispersed and operated at the auto campground were unified into a yellow soil theme village, and premium caravans were scaled up to 60 rooms on the site of a tent village in the forest where you can enjoy the sea and natural scenery to suit family trips. to differentiate

In addition, by remodeling idle facilities such as the workshop village and the special delicacies market, it will be used as a shared kitchen for tourists to cook on their own, and a local specialty product market will be created so that local residents can generate income by selling their own special products.

In connection with nearby tourist facilities such as nearby auto campgrounds and Ttangkkeut Observatory, as well as beautiful natural scenery, we discover and operate various contents such as living in Haenam for a week, Komjirak Oullim camping, etc. We plan to attract tourists by strengthening online and offline publicity.

The Jeonnam-type regional growth strategy project is scheduled to be completed in 2023, and is expected to play a leading role in revitalizing tourism in the entire land end region.

Myung Hyeon-gwan, governor of Haenam-gun, said, “It is believed that this will serve as an opportunity for the Hwangto Nara Theme Village to take off once again as a stay-type tourist destination by specializing in the beautiful scenery and healing meaning of the ends of the earth. It will be able to play a role in the successful promotion of

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