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DER Touristik: Adapted commission model remains in place | current tourism

DER Touristik has presented its commission model for the 2021/2022 financial year. First of all, the most important thing: The travel company is sticking to the reduced sales classes and the reduced minimum sales from the previous year in the new financial year. This applies to the tour operator brands Dertour, ITS, Jahn Reisen, Meiers Weltreisen and Travelix.

Up to 14 percent possible

According to DER Touristik, a commission of up to 14 percent is possible with the new model. The basis is the cumulative DER Touristik total sales for the tourism year 2021/2022 for all brands and their dynamic products, as well as DER Touristik Ticket Factory,, Clevertours and the Aldiana GmbH holding and the cooperation partner Disneyland Paris.

Travel agencies can also use the DER Touristik Bonus to reimburse all sales of DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts, which include Sentido, LTI, Calimera, Primasol and Cooee, of the Playitas Resort and the Aldiana Club Resort. The bonus will be up to 1.25 percent additional in the coming financial year. It applies to all agencies, even if the cumulative total turnover of an office in the tourism year 2020/2021 was below the minimum turnover of 110,000 euros. In addition to the bonus, the Aldiana sales are remunerated according to the Aldiana commission model.

“Start-up bonus” for offices with weaker sales

With the help of the “go-around bonus”, travel agencies that were rated lower in the coming tourism year will receive a basic commission of ten percent for the remainder of the financial year with a turnover of more than 50,000 euros as of February 28, 2022.

DER Touristik also maintains the commission payment in the month following the booking. This also applies to the additional commissions. With this, the travel group wants to support the travel agencies’ liquidity. There is still no malus rule.

“Take More” promotions for certain products

With the help of the “Take more%” campaign, travel agencies receive a commission of ten to 16 percent on bookings with Dertour holiday cars, Dertor Deluxe cruises, Dertour cruises, Dertour river tours and Dertour group tours. In addition, “Take more +” is to be launched during the year, with which travel agencies can generate more income.

DER Touristik would like to thank the travel agencies for their commitment in the past year with “clear incentives and a transparent remuneration model”. Kevin Keogh, Senior Vice President Sales, says in retrospect: “We were only able to master the challenges of the last few months together with our sales partners.”

According to Keogh, DER Touristik is optimistic about the new tourism year. “We continue to rely on the model from last year that has been adapted to the particular situation. We are thus offering the agencies the greatest possible transparency and attractive incentives for the largest product portfolio that we have ever had. “

On the product side, the company’s own hotel portfolio was expanded, especially at Sentido. The collaboration with partners such as ASI, Arosa, Chamäleon and DER Touristik Suisse was also expanded.

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