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The increasing digitization of travel agencies should also affect the back office systems. “Since external law firms and completely different system landscapes are also dealt with here, the need for harmonization is very great,” says Andreas Quenstedt from Deutsche Reisering.

Topics such as time and attendance recording, as well as payroll and accounting are very time-consuming and must be technically developed accordingly.

“Constant exchange with IT providers”

Quenstedt, who heads the office at Reisering, relies on “a constant exchange with the IT providers”. However, this is about more than “just” back office issues, adds Reisering board member and IT advisory board member Raik Quakatz.

The aim is to “further simplify and accelerate” the processes in the back office and accounting, as well as those in consulting and sales, stresses Quakatz. The managing director of Siamar Reisen in Leipzig expects “a forward-looking view and an agile planning method” from the partners. This is the only way travel agencies can “cope with the rapidly changing requirements of the market with a high level of service and availability” in the medium and long term.

Praise for mid-office systems

Quakatz is satisfied with the digitization of the mid-office systems and the introduction of tools such as appointment scheduling. It automates and synchronizes opening times, duty rosters and capacity utilization and enables “decentralized” customer advice.

The technical possibilities of UI Office and Paxconnect are also an indispensable part of the “hybrid travel agency of today”. The IT advisory board of the Deutsche Reisering is convinced that it is “the little things that make digitization possible and enable omnichannel”.

What else travel agencies want from IT providers, where there is a problem and where there is progress, you can read in the technology special of the current issue of touristik aktuell (ta 41-42 / 2021).

Matthias Gürtler

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