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12th Railroad Photo Contest Winner Announced
Glory of receiving 46 points including the gold medal ‘Snowpiercer’

[금상] Snow Country Train (by Oh Hee-jae, near Gokseong Station on the Jeolla Line) / KORAIL

In the 12th Railroad Photo Contest, ‘Snowpiercer’ won the gold medal of honor.

Korea Railroad (KORAIL) announced the winners of the 12th Railroad Photo Contest on the 18th. The gold prize was won by Oh Hee-jae’s ‘Snowpiercer’, which shows the powerful KTX moving through the snowstorm. The silver prize was jointly selected with Kim Il-woong’s ‘Spring Day’ by Kim Il-woong, who captured a beautiful scene passing through a cherry blossom tunnel, and Kim Chang-deok’s ‘Beautiful Sancheonho’, which features a train passing through the forest with a rainbow in the background. A total of three bronze statues were selected, including Lee Eun-gyu’s ‘KTX-Ieum, Running to the East Sea’, which depicts the KTX-Ieum introduced this year.

A total of 1,243 works were received in this contest, which was held for one month from August 9, under the theme of ‘Beautiful Moments with the Railroad’. Due to COVID-19, KORAIL awards awards in a non-face-to-face manner, and pays a total of 13.5 million won to 46 winners. The gold, silver, and bronze prize winners will be awarded a prize money (2 million won for gold, 1 million won for silver, 500,000 won for bronze) and a commendation from the President of Korea Railroad.

By Kim Seon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]

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