Sunday, November 28

A monodrama that is completed through communication with the audience

Held the play ‘Mr. Yu’
‘Damn You’

The Miryang Cultural Foundation (Chairman Il-ho Park, hereafter referred to as the Foundation) will hold a performance of the play ‘You’re the Wild’ at the Miryang Arirang Art Center small concert hall from the 28th to the 30th.

Starting with the selection of the opening film for the attention-grabbing actor exhibition hosted by the National Theater of Korea in 2006, Korea’s representative monodrama ‘Mr. You’ aroused intense interest from the audience as well as related organizations and media, with over 3,000 performances and 650,000 performances. It is the representative classic play that I have seen.

This performance is not just sitting in the audience and watching, but several people participate together, and ‘I’, ‘You’, and ‘We’ mix and experience together in the performance, and the question of ‘How to live well?’ and search for answers with the audience.

An official from the foundation said, “In a society filled with single people beyond nuclear families, it is a performance worth seeing and sitting side by side after a long time.

For performance inquiries, please contact the Miryang Cultural Foundation website ( or phone (055-359-4500).

Reporter Lee Myung-eun [email protected]

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