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The IT specialist Ziel has created a bi-directional interface to Paxconnect and has thus integrated the tool even better into the package travel workflow and the marketing functions of Synccess. With the direct flow of the Paxlounge offers into the travel agency mid-office, one can “make much more of the data”, promises Ziel managing director Gerd Laatz.

Corporations are already talking about artificial intelligence when it comes to this technology, says Laatz. He doesn’t want to go that far, because meaningful functionalities are more important than “hip buzzwords”. That could offer a goal, while some corporations would try to link AI with “prehistoric IT solutions”.

As an example, Laatz refers to a travel agency customer who often books Aida. A classic marketing tool would recognize him as a potential prospect for cruises and / or Aida. If, however, the customer receives a Paxlounge offer for a modular trip or a club vacation at his own request, this has so far fallen through the marketing grid. With the help of the new interface and the data it collects, Synccess now recognizes “that the customer is also interested in two other types of travel,” says Laatz. That’s why you need the offer data from Paxconnect.

In addition, Ziel has improved the electronic signature (FES / AES) for all documents from Synccess. This enables legally secure signatures from mobile phones on contracts, among other things. The integration of telephone systems with Call-Log-API has also been expanded. Gerd Laatz is convinced that this is “a must” for flexible work in the future.

Matthias Gürtler


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