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Viral: “I was hungry and had no money” apologizes after stealing bread

A cafe in Tuscany (Italy) shared the worthy outcome of the theft of a loaf a few days ago, showing the economic complexities of some, but also of his good will, because the person who stole the piece paid off his debt and left a message apology that has gone viral.

As disclosed by Alibabar 2.0 in your facebook page On October 12, a few days ago one of his bakers had left a tray of brioches on one of his baskets, that someone had “stolen”; however, the person responsible for the crime later returned and made it clear that his intentions weren’t bad.

In the photograph with which the establishment accompanies its publication, there is a ten euros next to a note which reads the following: “Good morning. Excuse me the other morning I was hungry and had no money, thank you ”.

“I was hungry and had no money,” acknowledges the person when paying off his debt. Facebook: Alibabar 2.0

Far from recriminating, the bakery expressed its empathy with the person affected: “This is the situation that Italy is experiencing today … people forced to “steal” out of hunger, and return with dignity to pay the debt. infinite sadness”, He concludes in his publication, to which users also add their empathy and regret that these are circumstances that many are currently going through, although not all of them can pay off their debt.

The business also published in a local media a job offer exclusively for the person who left the note in the hope of mitigating their economic situation, although to date no further details have been revealed about the outcome of this story.


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