Pope Francis: The Pontiff asks to help countries with fewer vaccines “out of dignity, not as alms”

Pope francis assured today that it is urgent to help countries that have fewer vaccines, such as the COVID-19But not “because of the rush of the rich nations to be more secure”, but because of “dignity and not as a pitiful handout.”

In his speech to the members of the Campus Bio-Medico University Foundation of Rome, belonging to Opus Dei, the pontiff urged “to share knowledge, experience, share science” because if they are not offered to everyone “they are plasters that can cover the wound, but not heal it in depth” .

And he gave the example of vaccines, where “it is urgent to help the countries that have less, but it must be done with plans for the future, not only motivated by the rush of rich nations to be safer. Remedies must be distributed with dignity, not as a pitiful handout“.

Regarding Catholic health, the Pope said that they must testify that “no life is unworthy of being lived” and that the needs of the sick go before profits, to transform medicine into an “art”.

“We are living a true culture of waste and this is a bit of the air we breathe and we must react to this culture of waste,” said Francisco, who added that the defense of human life “should never be negotiated, it should always be defended.” .

He also regretted that “unfortunately, profitable ways of profit are often pursued, forgetting that before profit opportunities come the needs of the sick. They continually evolve and, therefore, it is necessary to prepare to always face new pathologies and ailments “.

And he gave the example of “the so-called rare diseases that we do not know what they are and that research and research have not yet been carried out to understand them well.”



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