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With the improvement of Taean tourism service structure
To lay the foundation for future tourism to lead Taean

Gwanggaeto projectquick visualization, TaeanUndersea tunnel connection between Boryeong, etc.

Gasero Taean County

“While preparing for the election, I thought the most about how Taean could get closer to the metropolitan area, and how to make a good living for the people of Taean County because of the increasing number of tourists. In fact, Taean is the only place in Chungcheongnam-do without expressways. So, ‘the bridge must be connected.’ ‘There must be a highway.’ They say, ‘The railroad must come in’. When the highway enters, traffic becomes more convenient, and if a bridge is built in the part blocked by the sea, it will be more accessible, so many tourists will come. I think Taean can develop quickly when there are many people who visit Taean.”

This was said when the Culture and Tourism Journal interviewed Taean County Mayor Gasero (pictured) in March 2019. Taean, home to the only coastal national park in Korea, is famous for its beautiful natural environment and beaches, but the most disappointing thing about Taean is its accessibility.

This magazine went to the October issue of ‘Taean-gun Cultural Tourism Policy’ and conducted an online interview with the governor.

In an interview, he said, “I plan to prioritize the ‘Gwanggaeto Great Project’ and various projects that will lead Taean for the next hundred years.” Ga said that the Gwanggaeto project was a project to expand the territory of Taean-gun. Here are the interview details.

Taean-gun’s cultural tourism key policies.

“We are carrying out a variety of projects to promote a differentiated strategy for Taean, one of the best tourist cities on the west coast. In particular, it is expected that crises and opportunities will come at the same time in the with Corona era, and as the trend of tourism in four seasons is progressing due to changes in tourism patterns in the untact era, we are creating tourist destinations that fit the current trend that conforms to the untact (non-contact) culture. There is.

In addition, we lead Taean by discovering and promoting untact tourist destinations and tourism products by period and quarter, establishing measures for the operation of attractions and entertainment (events, festivals), and improving the constitution of the Taean tourism service. We are actively trying to lay the foundation for future tourism.”

Taean-gun’s competitive cultural tourism resources are.

“Our Taean-gun has 28 beaches, which account for 10% of all beaches in the country. In addition, it is a city of natural beauty with a rias coastline of 1,300 li, 42 ports and ports, and 114 islands. This year, 28 beaches were opened all at once on July 3rd, and the beaches were operated for 44 days until August 15th. It opened and became very popular.

In addition, Taean is a region rich in tourism resources. Baekhwasan Mountain, Anheungseong Fortress, Sinduri Sand Dunes, Solhyanggi-gil, Beach Road, Cheollipo Arboretum, Cheongsan Arboretum, Anmyeondo Pine Forest, Relics Exhibition Hall, local food vendors, golf courses, etc.

Corona19 After that, the plan to attract individual tourists is.

“Last August, all 28 beaches in Taean were closed without any safety accidents. In fact, it is also true that the number of tourists has decreased in the aftermath of COVID-19, and the suffering of local merchants is great. In Taean-gun, as an exemplary local government that minimizes the number of confirmed cases through thorough quarantine and good civic awareness, I would like to say that we have done thorough quarantine measures, such as not having a single corona patient at the beach this summer. Taean-gun is preparing various measures so that more tourists can visit Taean even after the summer vacation season is over.

Already in July, a 37.5m high observation tower was opened at Mallipo Beach, gaining great popularity as a local landmark. As the undersea tunnel between Taean and Boryeong is connected at the end of this year, Yeongmok Port in Gonam-myeon is expected to emerge as a new tourism resource. Although the entire nation is in a difficult situation, we promise to do our best to serve as the safest tourist destination in Korea until the day when the corona is stabilized.”

The representative specialties and foods of Taean-gun are.

“Taean-gun’s agricultural and marine products boast the best quality thanks to the natural environment such as fertile loess soil and clean sea, the efforts of farmers and fishermen, and the support of Taean-gun.

Since the end of August, the taboo season has been lifted and you can meet the famous autumn blue crab in Taean, and various seafood such as crab soup, mackerel, squid, conger eel, sea cucumber and clam are loved by the people.

In addition to Taean Garlic, which is already recognized for its best quality in the country, luxury special products made by clean nature such as Taean Jasal Salt, Pumpkin Sweet Potato, and Taeyangcho Red Pepper are gaining popularity nationwide. Agricultural and fishery products born and raised in the Taean region are directly responsible for the quality of the agricultural and fishery products, so we ask that many people trust and purchase them.”

If there is a project you would like to pursue in the future.

“From now on, we plan to prioritize the ‘Gwanggaeto Great Project’ and various projects that will lead Taean for the next hundred years. By putting Gwanggaeto major projects on the main track, such as ‘National Road No. 38 Iwon-Daesan Bridge Construction Project’, ‘Taean Expressway Project from Taean to Seosan’, and ‘Taean to Yesan (tentative name) West Coast Naepo Railway Project’, it will not only vitalize the tourism industry of Taean but also We will make breakthroughs in all fields including society, economy, and culture.

As National Road 77 is expected to open at the end of this year, it is expected that a breakthrough will be prepared for the tourism industry in Taean-gun. ‘ We plan to work hard to start construction early. When National Route 77 is fully opened, the travel time from Daecheon Port in Boryeong to Yeongmok Port in Taean will be drastically reduced from 100 minutes to 10 minutes. Accordingly, we plan to actively develop various tourism development strategies and infrastructure to create new marine tourism bases in Gonam and Anmyeon.

To this end, the Taean-gun Task Force and the public-private governance were formed, and a total of 44 projects in 6 areas, including transportation SOC, recreational tourism SOC, large-scale tourism facilities and training centers, improvement of settlement conditions, tourism promotion strategy, and other living infrastructure, were selected as key response tasks. and plan to materialize the business early. Representative continuation projects include the expansion and pavement project of National Route 77, the establishment of a marine tourism base near the Yeongmok Port Interchange, the establishment of the Narakium Policy Training Center, the specialized development project for the Haenyeo Village, the fishery festival, and the lake stabilization project.

New projects include opening a coastal landscape road around Yeongmok Port, which was newly designated as a national fishing port on the 1st, a project to improve landscape lighting in Yeongmok Port, development of food tourism contents specialized in Taean-gun, and development of tour bus tour products running on Line 77. Going forward, through public-private governance, we plan to promote the rapid visualization of projects through practical alternative research, collecting various opinions from local residents, making policy recommendations, and discovering new tasks.

Developing unique contents based on the abundant tourism resources of Gonam and Anmyeon, and linking the various attractions, food, and entertainment in Taean, the public and private sectors work together to prepare a response strategy and promote related projects so that Taean tourism becomes an opportunity for great innovation I will do my best to In addition, we plan to complete the project to build an offshore wind power plant, considered one of the cleanest energy on the sea, by 2027, and to focus our administrative power on the designation of a nationally managed coastal port on Dokdo in the West Sea.”

A word to the citizens and readers.

“I extend my deepest condolences to those who are suffering from COVID-19. In Taean-gun, as an exemplary local government that minimizes the number of confirmed cases through thorough quarantine and good civic awareness, many tourists took a safe escape from Corona this summer.

In particular, it has received favorable reviews for its thorough quarantine measures, putting the safety of tourists as the top priority, such as operating a drive-through at major beaches and providing a safe call service. We promise to do our best as the safest tourist destination in Korea until the day when the corona is stabilized.

As a non-face-to-face tourist destination, we would be grateful if you would love Taean, which is rich in natural environment and tourism resources, and has a lot of food such as fresh seafood.”

Reporter Lee Myung-eun [email protected]

Taean County Governor Gasero
Born in Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, he graduated from Seosan Jungang High School, Dankook University (Bachelor of Law), Chung-Ang University Graduate School (Master of Social Welfare), and Dankook University Graduate School (Doctor of Public Administration). He served as a police chief in Seosan, eastern Seoul, and central Incheon and as a police chief at Incheon International Airport. Governor Ga, who served as the senior vice president of the Taean County Citizens’ Association for Finance, the director of the Jaein Taean County Citizens’ Association, the 19th presidential election as well as the Democratic Party’s Moon Jae-in candidate Taean election chairperson, the Taean Police Station bid promotion committee co-chairman, and the Social Welfare Policy Committee advisory committee, was the branch manager of the Seotaean Branch of the Reading Life Federation, Green. He is the head of the National Coalition for Growth Economic Headquarters, a member of the Social Welfare Policy Advisory Committee, and a member of the National Coalition Standing Committee for Advanced Political Reform.

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