Is it possible to resume international flights departing from rural areas by the end of the year?

Preparing for Gimhae-Guam flight…Apply for charter flight from Jeju
There is a big difference in the psychological temperature of overseas travel by region… “There is a long way to go”

There is great interest in whether overseas travel from rural areas will be possible by the end of this year / Pixar Bay

While expectations for the resumption of overseas travel such as the With Corona transition and travel bubble are growing, there is growing interest in whether overseas travel from rural areas will be possible within this year.

Currently in IncheonExcept for Gimpo International Airport, the rest of the local airports do not have quarantine personnel and systems related to overseas entrants. Although only a small number of international flights are operated, it is difficult to see that it is a normal international flight because entry is through Incheon International Airport even if departure is at a local airport. However, as the atmosphere in the overseas travel market heats up, such as the transition to Corona and the travel bubble, there are many voices calling for the resumption of international flights departing from provinces.

In this situation, according to the travel industry on the 14th, the Guam route from Gimhae International Airport is expected to resume around November at the earliest. Air Busan and Jin Air are mentioned as airlines preparing to operate the Guam route. When regular flights resume normally, it will be the second international flight departing and arriving at local airports after Corona 19, following Air Busan’s Busan-Qingdao route. am. It is also known that major travel agencies in Jeju have requested airlines for charter flights departing between the end of the year and January next year. An official from a travel agency located in Jeju said, “I understand that the Jeju Provincial Office is currently reviewing the budget execution for quarantine management. did. He added, “We cannot wait until a decision is made, and we plan to sell more actively through broadcasting, etc. under the condition of government approval from November.”

As such, there is a need or necessity for the resumption of international flights in Gimhae and Jeju, but CheongjuMuanYangyang is still a long way off. Since Gimhae International Airport is supported by domestic outbound demand and Jeju International Airport is supported to some extent by foreign inbound demand, it is possible to consider reopening, but the prevailing view is that it will not be effective yet to open a regional airport with relatively low demand. . An official from a travel agency located in Gwangju said, “In comparison with the metropolitan area, the sentiment toward overseas travel is still weakened in rural areas. As such, the expectations of the local travel market for the resumption of overseas travel for the time being are expected to show differences in temperature by region.

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