How about here, ‘Good Travel’ project to revitalize Gangwon travel

Support for regional revitalization and 8 resorts in Gangwon-do
Special products and special benefits over 60 years old

Here, we start the ‘Good Travel’ project with the goal of revitalizing the local economy with 8 representative resorts in Gangwon-do.

A total of eight resorts are participating in the good travel project: ▲Mona Park Yongpyong Resort ▲Sonobel Vivaldi Park ▲Alpensia ▲Elysian Gangchon ▲Oak Valley Resort ▲Welli Hilli Park ▲High1 Resort ▲Phoenix Pyeongchang. Each facility offers up to 70% discount on accommodation products and offers unique packages. Here, we offer a 5,000 won discount coupon and additional discounts for facilities over 60 years of age.

The first good travel project will run until November 14, and after that, it will continue to attract tourists through discount events at ski resorts. Yeon-oh Jeong, head of the hotel sales branch said, “As domestic travel consumption is recovering, we are continuing various attempts to revive the local economy. We will work with various partners to increase interest in local tourism.”

How are you here? Selected Gangwon-do as the destination for the 1st Good Travel Project / How are you here?

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