Hana Tour launches Airtel in line with BTS LA concert

Hotels near LA Sofai Stadium, including shuttle service
Confirmation of global network competitiveness, expectation of securing MZ customers

Hana Tour launched Airtel and Tourtel products for the concert held at Sofai Stadium in Los Angeles, USA on October 15th.

These products include airtels and tourtels (concert tickets not included) consisting of airlines, hotels, and shuttle services, which coincided with the BTS concert schedule to be held at Sofai Stadium in LA at the end of November and early December. Hana Tour said, “It is very difficult to reserve hotels and shuttles in downtown LA and near Sofai Stadium due to the BTS concert.

LA Tourtel 2 days (359,000 won) is for November 26, 27, and 30, and includes 1 night at a hotel in Koreatown and shuttle service to Sofai Stadium. Los Angeles Airtel on the 5th (from 2,199,000 won) included a round-trip flight with Korean Air in the tourtel schedule. For airline ticket reservations only, Asiana Airlines A350 planes offer Wi-Fi access, and United Airlines offer one-time passes to the airport club lounge. We also prepared a product (75,000 won) that only uses the Sofai Stadium shuttle in Koreatown.

An official from Hana Tour said, “This product was prepared after hearing the news that it would be difficult to reserve a shuttle with a hotel near Sofai Stadium when a concert of the world’s top group is held. We hope to secure a customer base as well.”

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