European flight reservations surge, new products one after another

Interpark Tour, more than 200% increase in Spain and Switzerland
Introduced new packages such as Croatia, Eastern Europe, and Iceland

Higher vaccination rates are reviving the demand for long-distance travel. In line with this, Interpark Tour launched a European travel product in preparation for with Corona.

In fact, ticket sales on major European routes also surged in September. According to Interpark Tour, as a result of comparing ticket sales on major European routes in August and September, Madrid +625%, Zurich +275%, Amsterdam +250%, Paris +76.3%, Istanbul +68%, etc. showed an increase rate. The departure period for European tickets issued in September was from October to January 2022, accounting for 60% of the demand.

In particular, Interpark Tour prepared Croatia + Slovenia, Eastern Europe Christmas market tours, European honeymoon exhibitions, and Icelandic Northern Lights tour products in line with the revival of European travel demand. In the case of Croatia + Slovenia, it will be presented at the ‘Green Safe’ special exhibition. This is a small couple travel package that only departs for eight couples (16 people in total) on a first-come, first-served basis, and it is scheduled to depart on November 12 and return to Korea on the 20th. Interpark Tour will support 1.5 million won, which is half of the travel expenses of 3 million won. Even if you are not a couple, anyone can go on a trip as a couple. On December 21st, the Eastern Europe Christmas Market tour package for two people is scheduled to depart.

We also prepared a package for the northern lights and glacier hiking in Europe. ‘Would you like to go see the aurora with me?’ Through a special exhibition, we sell Aurora tour products in Iceland, Finland, and Norway. In the case of the Iceland package (from 3,990,000 won), you can experience the Northern Lights, glacier hiking, blue lagoon hot spring experience, and visit to Singverier National Park.

An Interpark Tour official said, “We plan to open a European honeymoon plan within October and sell European package products at a special price at Lotte Home Shopping on October 31. It consists of a course, and it was planned to start with a small number of people.”

Interpark Tour launched various European package products / Interpark Tour

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