Early morning delivery of T’way Air’s in-flight meal coupons begins

Consists of 5 types including Japchae Bulgogi Rice Bowl
Advantages of easy cooking and fast delivery

T’way Air announced on the 15th that it has started selling in-flight meals through Coupang Rocket Fresh / T’way Air

T’way Air has started delivering in-flight meal coupons early in the morning. In-flight meals that were available when boarding an aircraft can now be enjoyed faster at home.

Consisting of 5 popular menu items, it captivates the taste buds of men and women of all ages. ▲ Japchae Bulgogi Rice Bowl ▲ Bacon Tomato Spaghetti ▲ Rib Steamed Rib Rice Bowl ▲ Gondrenamul Bibimbap ▲ Real Hamburg Steak Rice is sold individually and as a set of 5 items. Simple cooking is possible with a microwave, and if you purchase by midnight through Coupang Rocket Fresh, you can receive it with early morning delivery the next day. In addition to the five menu items, T’way Air is also considering launching a new menu tailored to customer needs.

An official from T’way Air said, “The in-flight meal enjoyed on the plane allows you to enjoy the sensibility and taste of travel at home, and we expect it to become an easy home-cooked meal.”

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