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Anticipation of travel to Southeast Asia during the winter peak season for ‘Immigration Allowance/Isolation Exemption’

Thailand to no quarantine in 10 low-risk countries since November
Bali, Indonesia open conditionally to 5-day mandatory quarantine
Difficulties such as absence of flights and quarantine after returning to Korea

Southeast Asian countries are speeding up their border opening this year. The picture is Bali Beach / Travel Newspaper CB

Will travel to Southeast Asia become a reality this year? Major destinations in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Bali, Indonesia are spurring the resumption of travel targeting low-risk countries. Although realistic problems such as the absence of flights and the local corona situation remain, there is also hope that it will be a signal for market recovery.

By November, they are expected to be able to travel freely throughout Thailand without quarantine. According to local media such as the Bangkok Post, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chanocha delivered a speech to the public on October 11, saying, “Visitors from 10 low-risk countries, including the United States, China, Singapore, Germany, and the United Kingdom, “Isolation will be exempted upon entry from Japan,” he said. Although the prime minister did not directly mention it in his speech, according to an official from the Korean Embassy in Thailand, South Korea was also included in the 10 countries. It is currently in the stage of discussing detailed plans, and it is set in the direction of freely traveling all over Thailand without regional restrictions. In the future, it plans to expand the target countries and speed up the opening of local tourist destinations and restaurants.

Indonesia has permitted international flights to Bali Airport from October 14 and lifted the ban on entry to Bali for tourists from Korea, Japan, China and New Zealand. This is only to allow entry for those who have completed vaccination, but 5 days of mandatory quarantine is mandatory, and the cost must be borne by the person. According to a Reuters report on the 14th, there was no international flight schedule on the first day of opening. The bar is open, but the airport is empty. An official from a local travel agency said, “The local area has finished preparing to welcome tourists, but it is still in the early stages of implementation, so it will take some time to attract tourists.”

In the industry, expectations and disappointments coexist. This is because practical problems such as the local corona situation and the absence of flights are still acting as difficulties. As of October 13, the number of new confirmed cases stood at 9,445 in Thailand and 1,261 in Indonesia. In terms of flights, Bangkok routes are operated from Thailand, but there are no direct flights to Bali. An airline official said, “Indonesia is a country where vaccine incentives are not applied, so everyone must be quarantined when entering and leaving the country. Another travel agency official said, “It is a positive sign that Southeast Asian countries that even blocked entry are opening their borders.”

Meanwhile, according to local media, Vietnam is preparing to open major tourist destinations from December to those vaccinated from low-risk countries.

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