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Reporter Go-eun Son

Press releases are pouring in. The number of acquaintances announcing the news of reinstatement increased one by one. I was asked to attend a Fam Tour, and I was asked for an interview more often. Instead of meeting online, there are days of face-to-face conversations. For travel reporters, this is a signal that the trip is back.

Travel is by far the hottest topic these days, starting with the Chuseok holiday last year. Overseas package tour groups started to depart, and the number of reservations for the Saipan Travel Bubble product exceeded 8,000 as of the 14th. On the 8th, the South Korean government and Singapore agreed to a travel bubble, and Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia are also rapidly increasing one by one to allow entry without quarantine to those vaccinated. Travel agencies were also caught preparing for next year’s Lunar New Year holiday and charter flights to certain regions. These days, voices about the necessity of resuming international flights at regional airports are growing. It’s a clearer sign that the trip is back.

What about travelers who return to the site? The voices of the reporters I met recently were not bright and felt hot. But behind the happy heart, I have to take the sad heart out. Although the door to overseas travel has reopened, the conditions are not the same as before. Immigration conditions have become more stringent than before, and many guides and travel agencies that were in charge of the travel of local guests have disappeared. The criteria by which consumers decide to travel will also have changed. However, it was difficult to find any changes other than guidelines related to COVID-19 quarantine in the overseas travel products that travel agencies recently re-released. Schedule, product usage conditions, and price. I was expecting a slightly more upgraded trip, but there was little disappointment in the eyes of a reporter who said that it didn’t seem to have changed.

This is why now, the transition period towards normalization, is so important. This is because it is a time to reorganize and refine products to fit the changing environment. Everyone has been dreaming of traveling since last year, when their feet were tied up with COVID-19. Now is the time to market green travel during the hiatus. Wait for the signal that the trip has changed.

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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