Saturday, November 27

Venezuelan opposition repudiates delay in talks in Mexico

The opposition Unitary Platform of Venezuela repudiated this Sunday the delay of the dialogues in Mexico after the Government of President Nicolás Maduro interrupted the negotiations after the extradition of his presumed lender Álex Saab, To united states.

“We came to meet the Venezuelan people. To work on the negotiation process that we began on August 13 in Mexico City. Unfortunately, the Maduro delegation it did not arrive, producing a new delay, “said lawyer Gerardo Blyde when reading a statement from the platform.

The fourth round of the dialogue was scheduled to begin this Sunday, but the leader of the official delegation and the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, it suspended the negotiation indefinitely on Saturday.

The Maduro government has condemned the extradition of the Colombian businessman Saab, recently included as a member of the official delegation, who was detained in Cape Verde for more than a year before his delivery to the United States, where he is accused of money laundering.

In response, the opposition platform reproached that “no person is more important than the entire Venezuelan people.”

“The deep humanitarian crisis that affects our people, the millions of Venezuelans who have had to emigrate to seek a future that the country does not offer them, as well as the inexistence of democratic institutions attached to the Constitution, cannot wait,” said Blyde. .

The dialogue between the opposition and the ruling party, organized by Norway and hosted by Mexico, has had three rounds since August 13 began, when both delegations signed a memorandum of understanding.

The last meeting took place on September 27 and concluded no featured deals, but with a condemnation by both delegations of the “xenophobia and violence” that occurred in Chile against Venezuelan migrants during that weekend.

With the negotiation, the opposition demands “free” elections in the regional elections on November 21, while Maduro wants international sanctions against his government to be lifted.

“We want to address in depth all the issues on the agenda, because only then will we reach agreements that produce solutions for the country. From the beginning we have warned that this process is complex and requires a high commitment from the parties,” said Blyde.

Despite the government’s snub, the opposition delegation “reiterated” its commitment to advance the process.

“We urge the counterpart to resume the sessions in Mexico as soon as possible to produce the necessary agreements,” he concluded.



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