Sunday, November 28

Sudanese call for the dissolution of the current government

Thousands of Sudanese demonstrated in Khartoum yesterday to call for the dissolution of the Government a day after Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok urged unity in the face of one of the worst crises that the country has experienced since the overthrow of the dictatorship of Omar al Bashir , in 2019.

The protesters chanted slogans calling for “the fall of the Transitional Government”, “the recovery of the revolution” and “the improvement of the situation” with national flags and banners that read “The patient people go hungry” and “one people, one only Army ”.

A leader of the current called the National Charter of the Forces of Liberty and Change, Just Edin Ibrahim, said that they will maintain a camp in front of the presidential palace until the current government is dissolved and “a qualified national independent government is formed”, According to the document signed in 2019 between the civilians and military who share power after the overthrow of Al Bashir.

On Thursday, this movement called these protest marches to call for “the recovery of the revolution.”


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