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La Palma volcano causes a large cloud of ash, lava and numerous tremors

The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma does not rest almost a month after it began to erupt. The volcano continues to destroy agricultural plantations with a new mouth in the area of ​​the main cone, that expels a large amount of ash and lava, in addition to causing numerous tremors.

The new mouth of the volcano, which was opened last night within the area of ​​the main cone, expels ash at an altitude of 4,500 meters, as reported this Saturday by the scientific spokesperson for the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca), María José Blanco.

This situation is complicating air traffic, although it is not causing new confinements of the population, and lava flows pass through territories that have already been evacuated, so no new evictions are planned.

La Palma volcano does not stop shaking

More than 35 earthquakes have been registered on the island of La Palma since last midnight, one of them measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale, the highest magnitude felt so far since the eruption began.

According to information from the National Geographic Institute (IGN), that earthquake was registered at a depth of 37 kilometers, followed shortly after by another of 4.5 degrees in the same area and depth.

Experts insist that these movements indicate that the eruption process continues, after almost four weeks and in the coming days earthquakes above 4.5 degrees may occur, although at great depth, above 30 kilometers, which will continue to be felt by the population.

The volcano began its activity on September 19 and Since then, it has razed more than 740 hectares, with a maximum width of the pouring of 2,350 meters, taking away everything that was in its path, with more than 1,900 buildings affected, of which 1,800 are totally destroyed, including houses, schools, churches, sports facilities and industrial estates.

But it has also destroyed numerous agricultural estates, especially banana trees, La Palma’s most important crop, along with the other Canary Islands. And the crops that the lava did not reach, are affected by the constant rain of ash, in addition to the difficulties to maintain their irrigation, since many pipes were destroyed by the volcano.

A new eruptive point has opened on the Cumbre Vieja volcano within the main cone area. EFE / M. Calero

To this must be added the hundreds of people evacuated due to the risk that their homes would be buried by lava, which has happened to many of them, while others have seen how their houses were isolated by the different arms of the city. wash.

On the practicable roads of the south of the island, the affected area, vehicles packed with furniture and belongings with the belongings of the evacuated families do not stop circulating, while a few weeks ago they were loaded with banana pineapples for export both to the rest of Spain and to other countries.

Canceled flights on La Palma

The expulsion of a large quantity of ash, which forms a huge cloud, today caused the cancellation of the 16 scheduled flights on La Palma, although the airport is operational, but the decision to operate flights is taken by the companies.

The rest of the airports in the Canary archipelago are also operational, according to the Spanish airport manager, AENA.

What’s more, visibility throughout the island was also reduced due to atmospheric conditions, which caused dense fog due to the haze, a wind from Africa laden with sand and dust, and which frequently affects the Canary Islands, located off the African Atlantic coast.

Likewise, it is probable that the ash cloud could affect the airspace between La Palma, and the islands of La Gomera and the north of Tenerife.



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