Saturday, November 27

18 people die from drinking adulterated alcohol in Russia

The authorities russian They opened an investigation on Saturday into the death of 18 people in the Urals after having consumed adulterated alcohol, in the second tragedy of its kind in less than two weeks in the country.

According to the investigation committee, “Several people sold to citizens an alcohol (methyl alcohol) that was dangerous to life and health” during the last two weeks in Yekaterinburg, a great city in the Urals.

“After the ingestion of this liquid, 18 people died,” he said in a statement, in which he gives an account of two detainees.

An investigation has been opened for “sale of products that do not conform to the standards and that have caused wrongful death”, a crime that can be punished with 10 years in prison.

In early October at least 36 people died in the Orenburg region after drinking adulterated alcohol containing highly toxic methanol.

Fatal incidents from the consumption of adulterated alcohol or toxic products are frequent in Russia, a country where 21 million people live below the poverty line.

The price of commercial vodka is prohibitive for millions of Russians.

Due to lack of resources, the poorest obtain alcohol from cosmetics, cleaning products or antifreeze for cars.



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