Those were the winners and losers of the 2021 season at Ballermann

The season at Playa de Palma produced winners and losers. At least September was well attended.
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Some people will be very happy that the 2021 season is coming to an end. It was unpredictable, unpredictable. But in the last few meters everything seems to have gone well. At least for most of those who earn money from tourism. Others, however, had to write off the season.


Beer King

“Like in a mothers’ convalescent home”, “Butterfahrt character”, “Coffee-and-cake atmosphere”: Self Beer King Ultras needed a lot of tolerance for the situation in their “living room”. The comments, especially on social networks, were clear. That kept the hard-nosed Ballermann vacationers do not stop hours of waiting in purchase to take to enjoy the barely existing mood. The beer king lives from the mass event, but this year the party temple on Schinkenstrasse had to act more cautiously than any other restaurateur. He is too much under surveillance by the authorities.


Several times during the season, management thought about to open. In the end, accounting prevailed: It’s just not worth it. The party complex is far too big for the strict capacity restrictions to be expected. Meanwhile, the rumor mill was simmering like in previous years: Sale, demolition, new building, hotel. But, as is so often the case, this calculation was made without owner Bartolomé Cursach. He’s already planning the next season. It is said that more artists are being booked than ever. There is no room for drunkards anymore. This is how the zeitgeist wants it.

The basement discos

You already had a difficult time before Corona, now the bill is dramatic. Discos like that Upper Bavaria, Bolero or Salsa Rosa are closed for two years. The Club (formerly Paradies) is for sale, as is one or the other disco in the “Dutch Quarter” or in the Bierstrasse. Even if it is said that the Upper Bavaria complex should reopen – the days of the basement are long gone, thanks Rooftop bars and beach clubs. Unless there is a wave of nostalgia because after years of open-air culture, people finally want to meet again in narrow, stuffy rooms.

The police

It was an oath of revelation. the Local police Has never had a particularly good reputation on Playa de Palma, but the helplessness of the executive branch when the judiciary overturned exit restrictions in June and pushed the international party masses to the beach spoke volumes. Even the support of the Policía Nacional did not get the partying crowd under control. The incidence soared, Mallorca was declared a high risk area again. But the big catastrophe did not materialize.

The sand castle builders

Even if very few have noticed: Playa de Palma is sandburgenfrei. Before the pandemic, they were partial meter-long works of art popular photo motif and a decent source of money for its builders and guardians. But not a single one was to be seen during the season. It is not clear where the Sandmen disappeared to.


The Playa de Palma itself

While in other holiday strongholds on Mallorca this year it was partly dead until well into the high season, boomte die Playa de Palma. At first, the season rolled in slowly due to the strict Corona regulations, then it appeared excessively for a short time, experienced a small damper in July due to the increasing incidence, and then experienced a high point in September. Even now, at the end of the season, every lounger on the beach is occupied. The restaurants are full until midnight. Now they are hoping for a little boost through the autumn holidays in Germany before the lights go out almost everywhere in November.

The small

The weakness of the big ones was the strength of the small catering establishments. While some were severely restricted, others even existed Privileges. So they could Outside capacity on parking lots be expanded. Not just cult stores like To the Krone or Deutsches Eck were filled to the brim from morning to night. The search for a seat was hopeless at times.

Munich child

For decades the Münchner Kindl was under “Also ran” guided. That only changed in 2020 after the first wave. The Kindl was the only location on the playa again Live performances by party artists, while Megapark and Bierkönig stayed closed. The Bavarian specialty restaurant established itself as a new meeting place for homeless shooters. Landlady Gerlinde Weininger would like to continue the concept in 2022, so she is looking for a larger location. Will the Megapark and Bierkönig put up with it?

New hotspot

The epicenter has shifted. Due to Corona measures and capacity restrictions, the Schinkenstraße almost completely lost its charm, as did the “strip” between Megapark and Bierkönig. The scene shifted a few hundred meters further and is now celebrating between Latino bar and beer street between balnearios 7 and 8.

Ferrer Group

In 2016 the Ferrer brothers Mica and Juan Palma Beach into life. The motto: less shooter, more Miami Beach. Five years later, the face of Playa is actually a different one. The Ferrer stores stand out in particular: That Bikkini Beach is perhaps the nicest restaurant on the Playa. That Chalet Siena at Balneario 6 is the hippest restaurant far and wide, despite what feels like moon prices. The party starts here every evening at sunset.

The drinks dealers

As the Stores Due to the corona had to close earlier and the alcohol sales of the supermarkets were strictly regulated, the time of the flying bottle sellers without a license had come, who supplied the promenade with beer across the board. Business was so good that even Senegalese street vendors, who actually have nothing to do with alcohol, pushed into the market.

The staff

A landlord had an ex-waitress fly in for a week – she was that tough Shortage of personnel in some places. Many former gastro employees found better-paying replacement jobs during the pandemic. Many a well-known Ballermann face left the island and plans not to return. Consequence: Everywhere you had to take into account compromises in quality. Positive effect: wages rise and good staff can choose their employer in the next season.

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