The season extension on Mallorca does not work: Most of the hotels close at the end of October

Many hotels will close again at the end of October.

This year politics and tourism branch high hopes that the Season can be extended well into autumn because, due to Mallorca’s classification as a high-risk area, many holidaymakers could not come in summer. But now, at the beginning of October, disillusionment is spreading again. Half of the hotels still open will be according to the Mallorcan Hotel accommodation FEHM until End of October close their doors – and thus around two weeks earlier than in pre-Corona years.

In a balance sheet for the tourism season of the FEHM it is said that 13 percent of the hotels have not opened at all in Mallorca this year. In September, 6.5 percent of the houses that were open closed, and another 5 percent plan to close in the first half of October. And 46.5 percent are currently seeing one Closing in the second half of October before. This means that 71 percent of the hotels on the island are already closed at the beginning of November. It is simply not worth it for the hoteliers, because they Bookings too few are.

However, these numbers are certainly not yet set in stone, because precisely those Corona-pandemic has meant that now just a lot booked at short notice will. A considerable part of the trips are currently reserved one to two weeks before the start of the trip. It is therefore conceivable that some hotels will hold out even longer if bookings are made in the coming weeks. A lot also depends on how the corona situation develops in the source markets such as Germany, England, France or the Scandinavian countries.

It remains to be said, however, that the great and widespread hope of extending the season into November or perhaps even December will probably not work out again. September, however, was still quite satisfactory, with Occupancy of around 70 percent in the island average. This number was exceeded in Sóller, Can Picafort, Alcúdia and Colònia de Sant Jordi. In July, the island-wide occupancy was 62 percent, in August 67 percent.

The recovery in September is mainly due to the German and British markets return. After the travel warnings were lifted, vacationers found it easier to come to the island. Hoteliers are worried about practicality Total failure of the Scandinavian market this year, with the exception of Denmark. But because northern Europeans on average spend significantly more money on the island, the industry is keen to win them back.

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