Mallorca bookings for the autumn holidays are on the rise – but there are still bargains to be found

Vacationers at Mallorca Airport are queuing to get on a bus.
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the tourism branch on Mallorca hopes for that Herbst, and so far it looks like it could Season on the island can actually be extended by a few weeks. the demand according to the Balearic Islands is currently higher than in the pre-Corona year 2019 at this time – and in Germany the Autumn break.

According to the Mallorca-based travel portal TravelgateX, which mainly covers the Spanish market, are the Bookings for the island is currently 11.3 percent higher than in the same period in 2019. German tour operators have also reported that Mallorca is doing well in autumn. In the meantime, he has contributed a lot to this favorable course of the corona pandemic as well as vaccination progress in many countries. Many people willing to travel, it is said in the industry, would have waited until they were actually given both vaccine doses.

Germans fly to Mallorca

The number of German vacationers is likely to rise again significantly in the coming weeks up to the end of October due to the autumn holidays imminent in numerous federal states. The programmed ones already point to this Airlines seats there. According to a study by the Agency for Tourism Strategy in the Balearic Islands, AETIB, 466,400 seats are planned between Germany and Mallorca between September 15 and October 15, 32 percent of the total flight capacity in this period. There are no other so-called source market where there are so many flight connections.

That it continues to be a enormous wanderlust in Germany, confirms Jens Bischof, Managing Director of Eurowings. “We are catching up a lot, also because more and more citizens across Europe are being vaccinated.” Bishop, however, also advertised another travel destination in a press release: The Canaries “are the Mallorca of autumn and winter,” he was quoted as saying.

But Mallorca is also in high demand, as Tui confirms. In mid-September, the island was the second most popular flight destination for Tui customers during the autumn holidays, only behind Antalya. The bookings for Mallorca and Crete, however, grew faster, because Spain and Crete have been removed from the list of high risk areas. Turkey, on the other hand, is still a high-risk area, which means that unvaccinated travelers returning to Germany have to be in quarantine for ten days.

Prices are increasing

the Prices for Mallorca rose moderately this autumn, according to an evaluation by Holidaycheck. In contrast to some areas in Greece or the Azores, where holidaymakers will have to spend up to 50 percent more this autumn than in 2019, the prices on Mallorca are only around on average 10 percent went upstairs. Menorca and Ibiza have become around 15 percent more expensive, while Formentera has become 15 percent cheaper.

The Tui provides a price example: a week in Mallorca in a small holiday club can therefore be booked for 500 euros per person, a simple apartment without meals can even be had for 400 euros.

A short price search on the Internet confirms that it is real again this year bargain gives. With Tui you can find offers for five days of accommodation plus flight and sometimes even breakfast included for prices between 200 and 250 euros per person, if you are not bound to a specific departure date. Many hotels on the island want the season to run as long as possible and are apparently starting with competitive prices. Individual hotelier associations, such as that of Peguera, had already announced that they would even want to hold out until December.

One of the effects of Corona, which experts believe is likely to remain in the future, is this Short-term booking, which makes long-term planning difficult for hoteliers. According to TravelgateX data, 40 percent of trips are booked within the seven days prior to departure, and 12 percent of these are booked the day before departure. The stays are also getting shorter and shorter. Almost half of the trips booked are between two and five days long, 30 percent are for just one night. Only 5 percent of trips last between one and two weeks.

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