Almost every second Mallorcan believes that vacationers only come to drink

German vacationers in the Bierkönig: only there to drink?

40 percent of Mallorcans believe that Holidaymakers arriving from abroad, only after Mallorca come to get drunk here. That made one opinion poll der Fundación Gadeso unter 600 residents of the Balearic Islands. This means that the Mallorcans are the ones on the four islands who have the most negative image of tourists.

And there were other findings in the survey: 81 percent of the Balearic Islands residents are of the opinion that tourism is Foundation of the labor market is. According to the respondents, this is primarily associated with this Temporary and poorly paid employment contracts as well as long working days. 73 percent of respondents think that the islands depending on tourism are.

Mallorcans in particular make the negative side effects of tourism such as the Overcrowding individual places. This year, as is so often the case, the city center of Palma, but also the bay of Caló des Moro or the Cap Formentor are representative. 57 percent of those questioned see this as a problem. More than one in six (17 percent) on Mallorca even believes that the current tourism model is one Dislike of vacationers by the residents.

In general, the people on the islands are making themselves at the moment Worries about the future in the pandemic. The economic recovery of the islands is difficult and will take a long time, so the tenor. 52 percent of those surveyed point out that functioning tourism is the basis for prosperity on the islands and creates jobs.

Still far away see the Balearic residents who tried for years Revitalization of the off-season. 74 percent believe peak season dependency is a big problem. / jk

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